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The best way to get over your ex is with your next. SIKE! When you move from one relationship to the next without healing the pain and baggage of that relationship gets stored deep within you. You end up carrying that hurt into the next relationship and possible unloading it onto the next person you date.

The mind is powerful. Your thoughts are conducive of what you give and receive. When you think you don’t deserve love and healthy relationships you’re more likely to withhold giving love in relationships. In turn, you may not receive it either; whether consciously pushing your partner away or subconsciously being unable to accept love. Ultimately, you create a cycle of “self-fulfilling prophecies” where you receive what you believe you deserve. In order to produce healthier relationships, you must show up whole and healthy for yourself and your partner.

Let’s be honest, the healing process is painful! Pain is an emotion that we often try to avoid because, by definition, it just doesn’t feel good. However, avoiding what doesn’t feel good in life prevents us from learning how to appreciate what does feel good. We also won’t learn the difference between accepting and expecting (that’s another topic for another time). Avoiding the pain also leads to suppression of the heartache..until triggered. Instead, use the pain to grow beyond your comfort zone and build in ways that will serve you in healthy, long-term relationships such as creating boundaries, gaining patience, expressing your needs, listening to your partner, etc.

How do you know if you still have healing to do? Do you identify with any of these:

  • You tell the story to any and everyone that will listen?
  • Your new relationships look just like the past ones?
  • Just thinking about the relationship disturbs your peace?

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If so, there’s work to be done. No judgement here, I’ve done all 3; but, I didn’t want my future to look like my past. Learning from those relationships, embracing the experiences, and choosing to move forward more whole is a process (and not a pretty one)! I’ve been through it and will walk you through it too in the Mend & Move On virtual self-paced workshop.

Are you avoiding the healing process because you think:
It’s too painful…It’ll take too long…You’re comfortable where you are…
Well that could be true, but what if you’re wrong?

Take some time to consider and journal:
1. What is holding you back from healing?
2. Why are you holding onto the pain? Is it serving you?
3. What could your future relationships look like if you healed?

Based on experience and coaching expertise, this self-paced online workshop to guide you through healing and preparation for healthier relationships. Life is all about forward movement. The Mend & Move On Workshop will help you do just that. The workshop includes audio session, affirmations, and more. I’ll walk you through the process step by step.

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The self-paced online workshop Mend & Move On will guide you through healing and preparation for healthier relationships. Life is all about forward movement. The Mend & Move On Workshop will help you do just that. In as little as 4 weeks you can change your perspective on your past and future relationships, forgive yourself for what you’ve been through, and establish boundaries to protect yourself in future relationships. Through audio sessions, affirmations, and coaching exercises we’ll breakthrough the pain, breakdown what happened, and move beyond your breakup.

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