Faith And Authority, LLC is a Christian-based business birthed from a God-given vision to help professional men and women to build a solid foundation for healthier relationships and personal growth by identifying their core values, destroying the fears of limiting beliefs, and owning their truth. Our founder, Coach Ty, has navigated various professional industries and areas of study. Though highly successful, she found herself lacking fulfillment. The sacrifices she’d made in exchange for career success also left her sacrificing work-life harmony; and even worst, herself and relationships. However, in seeking to master her full potential and attain the fulfillment she’d been longing for, things first became worst before getting better.

During a difficult time of major setbacks and reinventing herself, the Lord gave her visions and told her to create a platform to be called Faith And Authority. She wrote down what she heard keeping track of the visions and promises (Habbakuk 2:2). A few months later she heard the Lord clearly telling her that it was time (Habbakuk 2:3), so she worked in faith (over fear) to bring forth the vision (James 2:17, 20, 26).

It was these difficult times that would catapult Ty into acknowledging her truest desires and breaking free from limiting beliefs to achieve them. She now utilizes her experiences and trainings to assist other professionals in breaking free from the monotony and self-sacrificing (without intention and purpose) behaviors to pursue the life of their authentic desires. When we show up better for ourselves, we show up better for in relationship with us.

Encouragement is achieved through motivational messages and scripture. Clients often believe that they are the worst-case scenario and beyond help. Let us denounce that LIE now! There are more similarities and support among people than they tend to realize. Clients are empowered by coaching them to focus on the control and influence they have over circumstances that directly impact their goals. Through the community we provide new exposure and fresh perspective sure to enlighten.

I want to help you achieve the breakthrough you need to reach your next level in your personal life and relationships.
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