Welcome! Faith And Authority, LLC is a Christian-based business birthed from a God-given vision to encourage, empower, and enlighten you to live in your authenticity and embrace your life’s journey.

Know that you’re journey is unique only to you. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t even compare yourself to your own past goals! (Yeah, I said it. God has a better plan than you had for yourself anyway. TRUST HIM!)

At Faith + Authority, we operate by the equation of [Our] Faith + [His] Authority. It’s through this equation that we can acquire the clarity, wisdom, and strength to manifest the live we desire to live by the will of the Lord.

The journey isn’t always cute and it isn’t always easy (trust, we get it!). We’ve been through ups and downs, broke to stacking money to broker, strong to broken, loving ourselves to not recognizing who we are, so we understand (ok, and by “us” right now, yes, I mean “I”…but, I digress).

We are empathetic to your struggles which is why we offer Relationship Coaching! Relationship coaching is a sub-specialty of life coaching and ours is with a twist. Faith + Authority Relationship Coaching utilizes our coach’s educational background and acquired skills to get to the root of the issues preventing you from reaching your goals in your personal life, spiritual journey, and interpersonal relationships because all of these are relationships (Ah ha moment loading). Your spiritual relationship impacts your inner relationship with yourself which then affects how you relate to others.

There are riches in glory in abundance for us! Grace & peace be unto you!

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