Ms. A.J.

I came to Ty at a crossroads in my life, choosing whether I wanted to continue my day to day life feeling unhappy or, instead, begin to do the inner work in order to find fulfillment. Ty offered her time, empathy, knowledge, insight, and inspiration. Even in my worst moments, she was generous and patient, guiding me to deeper sense of self and connection. With her, I found a greater connection to myself, to my purpose, and to those I love. I have greater trustworthiness in my thoughts and feelings rather than seeking approval in my external world. Ty’s simplicity in listening attentively, picking up on the details and patterns of my narrative, has taught me to stay still and listen — many of the answers to my questions are revealed by keeping an open heart and mind. Ty, thank you for your support, guidance, and sharing your gifts. Our sessions continue to help me with my self-discovery with its numerous layers.