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Ty, Founder & Certified Life Coach

Life Coaching

Life coaching is focused on guiding clients in achieving greater fulfillment in their lives. Faith + Authority provides faith-infused lifestyle coaching to adults nationwide by phone or video conference. The foundation of our coaching approach is respect, communication, and understanding; the essential elements of every relationship (self, spiritual, and interpersonal). Utilizing our “empower, encourage, enlighten” formula we help clients embody the change they seek for their life by living authentically. Clients are encouraged to be honest about their needs and the changes they want to exhibit, empowered to trust their unique journey to enacting change, and enlightened by a fresh perspective.

Signature Coaching Programs

Faith And Authority’s Signature Relationship Coaching programs are 5-weeks of one-on-one life coaching where I partner with clients to help them achieve a breakthrough in a particular area of their lives. Each week we touch on a different area whether it be clarifying your value, achieving freedom from limiting beliefs, or increasing your confidence. Learn more.

Client Testimonials

Ty had beautiful and great advice to help save my marriage in the most difficult times. First year of marriage has been tough. She worked with both my husband and I to help us figure out the issues and the root of the problems. She listened to both of us to help us directly with the issues we were facing. Her advice was invaluable in single handedly saving our marriage. God bless her and her family! Lots of love!

Mrs. A.W

I recently experienced my second coaching session and I couldn’t be happier about the “aha” moments I had and the breakthroughs and truths I discovered within this one conversation. Ty listened attentively; responded with sensitivity and clarity; and provided practical steps towards healing. I would most definitely recommend her for coaching and personal development! I look forward to working with her on a more consistent basis.

Thanks so much!!

Ms. V.T.

Disclaimer: For any service to be effective, each client must be responsible for personal progress, be open minded to the possibility of change, willing to implement personal changes, and actively participate in personal growth.

I expect clients to:

• Believe change is possible.
• Willing to make changes in his/herself.
• Committed to active pursuit of growth.
• Committed to the necessary work for progress.
• Aware that he/she is ultimately responsible for his/her progress.

Clients can expect me to provide:

• A welcoming environment to express oneself
• Engaging sessions tailored to you
• Honest, non-judgmental feedback
• Identification of communication gaps
• Discovery of actionable goals

Coaching is not the same as counseling or therapy.

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