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Managing your mental state is an ongoing and complex job.

There are so many things that can negatively affect us daily. Ranging from small inconveniences to larger, more involved problems. Our state of mind is a compilation of our past, present and future thoughts and feelings. When times are tough, whatever the reasons may be, managing your mental state is more important than ever.

Self Awareness

Self awareness is first when it comes to managing mental state. When you understand how you feel, where those feelings are coming from and why you have those particular feelings, then can you begin to manage your mental state. This is much easier said than done for most people and that’s perfectly normal. A counselor or psychologist may be able to help you understand your feelings more in depth. Investing in a life coach or personal development coach can give your feelings validation while positioning you to take the action needed to move forward. Talking with someone objective to help put your feelings in perspective is extremely beneficial as well. Once you identify why you feel a certain way, you can begin to understand your feelings and manage them in a positive way.

Breathing Exercises

Mindfully breathing is a powerful calming tool.  Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth will slow heart rate and curb anxiousness. Moreover, meditation will aid in clarity of mind. Fifteen minutes per day to sit in silence and clear your head does wonders for your mental state. Positive affirmations also enhance one’s state of mind. Positive affirmations are positive phrases you repeat to yourself daily. Try talking to yourself in the mirror in the morning. Tell yourself things like, “I am confident.” or “I am relaxed and at peace.” These positive affirmations will sink into your subconscious mind. Over time, you will start to believe the positive statements you have repeated to yourself. You can change your cognitive patterns away from negative thinking.

Shifting to an Attitude of Gratitude

Shifting your mindset by practicing gratitude can transform you to become more positive and hopeful. When times get tough it’s easy to focus on the negative things that are happening around or to you. However, if you focus on the negative you’ll attract more of it, become less productive, and find yourself expending enormous amounts of energy to get through each day. Shifting to an attitude of gratitude instead makes you more aware of the positive things in your life. When you feel and express gratitude on a daily basis, you will become happier, more energetic and more confident.

Ready to commit to 30 days of shifting to an attitude of gratitude?

Don’t give in to the quick fix of self medication.

Using alcohol or drugs is not uncommon when people want to make themselves feel better. But when faced with adversity, adding mind altering substances will enhance negative feelings. Stay sharp and in tune with yourself. So that you are able to be positive and consciously manage your feelings.

Staying on top of your mental health is not an easy task. When faced with challenges throughout life, remember there are tools that can be utilized. Actively managing your mental state will result in a more self aware, calm and happier you.

Invest in a life coach.

A life coach is an individual skilled to help you reframe your obstacles to focus on achieving your goals. They provide accountability, support, and guidance which is key to your growth in difficult times. Read this post for 3 key ways a life coach can help you instead of relying on advice from family and friends.

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