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Ty Yanna is a Christian, scientist, certified professional coach, and Empowerment Strategist who teaches exhausted healthcare professionals how to breakout from burnout by redefining their identity and finding value in their career so they can be successful and satisfied in their respective fields.

She has navigated various aspects of the healthcare field ranging including academic research, pharmaceutical safety, and patient care. These experiences have provided her with a unique, multifaceted understanding of both organizational and individual needs across healthcare.

As Ty Yanna maintains an inclusive perspective on improving quality of life in healthcare careers. Her commitment to diversity needs earned her a Student National Medical Association Cultural Diversity Certificate. She has also served on local, national, and regional capacities in the Student National Medical Association contributing to program planning for minority premedical and medical students.

Ty Yanna continues to nurture her passion for helping people heal and progress forward purposefully. She aspires to build Faith And Authority into a platform to aid the masses in living authentically by healing from limiting beliefs, fear, and circumstantial obstacles in order to achieve the life destined for them.

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Ty Yanna is a strong, confident speaker in the healthcare and coaching industries. Her healthcare audiences have ranged from millennial pre-medical students to international healthcare professionals. Within the coaching industry her message caters to 30-40 year old men and women who are stuck in unhealthy cycles in their personal life and relationships due to unrealistic self-imposed standards and ineffective communication.

Key topics of Ty Yanna’s expertise are overcoming burnout in medicine, setting realistic expectations, destroying fear of limiting beliefs, effective communication in relationships (healthcare or personal).

To highlight a few of Ty Yanna’s prior speaking engagements:

  • Living The Empowered Life Hot Seat Coaching Panelist
  • Glambitious Money, Travel & Respect Podcast Interview
  • Student National Medical Association Panel Moderator
  • National Conference Research Presenter & Award Winner

Speaking Engagements

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Much of what we think and how we act are a direct reflection of what we’ve experienced in life, whether taught or lived. You don’t have to navigate that life alone. As a Certified Professional Coach and Empowerment Strategist Ty Yanna teaches you how to find your strengths to boost your confidence and use them to set you on the path of your truest desires.

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