“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

Kingdom Couples™ VIP Coaching

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I provide relationship coaching from a faith-based perspective aiming to help clients experience more fulfilling lives by developing understanding, effectively communicating, and respect to keep moving forward in your relationship. We will work on determining the root of issues, identification of values, and establishing actionable steps for change so both of your needs get met.

Kingdom Couples™ VIP Coaching is a highly effective method of getting you and your spouse on the same page to resolve a continuous issue that’s been threatening your marriage in less than a day. During this 4 hour, virtual coaching session I will work with each individual separately to get to know each of your needs and perspectives. I’ll then coach you both through communicating through the issue with each other, deciding on how you’ll move forward, and identifying what actions need to be taken to move past the issue.

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Client Testimonials

Ty had beautiful and great advice to help save my marriage in the most difficult times. First year of marriage has been tough. She worked with both my husband and I to help us figure out the issues and the root of the problems. She listened to both of usContinue Reading

Mrs. A.W

Faith + Authority is a Christian-based business with faith-infused services. This means that the foundational tenants of our perspective are Bible-based; however, you will not be “preached to.”

Disclaimer: For any service to be effective, each client must be responsible for personal progress, be open minded to the possibility of change, willing to implement personal changes, and actively participate in personal growth.