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Coaching Deal for Coaches

Who Want to Promote a Program Aligned with Their Passion Without Fearing They’re Not Ready

Hey coach, raise your hand if you are…

Struggling to align your program with your passion?

Waiting to put your coaching out there until you get more followers/training/money/any other resource?

Being held back by the fear of failure (or worst the fear of success)?

If you raised your hand for any of these, you’re in the right place!

I’m Coach Ty,

a Christian and Certified Life Coach who has been where you are.

I also know how to fight through the limiting beliefs to find your strengths and use them as a coach. You already have everything you need to get started as a coach.

2 Hours 2 Show Up

2-hour one-on-one coaching intensive

where we’ll work together to identify the limiting beliefs holding you back and resources you can start leveraging now.

I Need This!

During the intensive you will:

  • replace the lies holding you back with the truths of your strengths

  • create a list of resources to get you moving forward as a coach

  • receive faith-infused, nurturing, tough love coaching because coach-to-coach I want you to WIN

**Limited Time**
Schedule Your 2-hour Intensive for only $400 including:

1:1 Private Virtual Coaching

Handout and Homework

Limiting Belief Breakthrough

Accountability Follow-Up

Appointments must take place by December 22nd.