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At Faith + Authority, we operate by the equation of [Our] Faith + [His] Authority. It’s through this equation that we can acquire the clarity, wisdom, and strength to manifest the live we desire to live by the will of the Lord.

Faith And Authority, LLC is a Christian-based business birthed from a God-given vision to encourage, empower, and enlighten professionals to live authentically and embrace your life’s journey. Encouragement is achieved through motivational messages and scripture. We empower clients by coaching them to believe in what already exists within them. Through the community we provide new exposure and fresh perspective sure to enlighten.

We serve our community through our blog, resources (worksheets and guides), motivational messages, scripture, and community. We service our clients through Life Coaching and Workshops. You can subscribe to our newsletter here for exclusives and up-to-date information.

Faith + Authority Blog

We provide quick readings, free downloads, worksheets, and guides all on our blog. The content on our blog contains information about way to excel in everyday life, tips on personal development and relationships, good motivational word, and at times the real talk you need to hear (without the sugar coating). Keep your eye on our blog as we post something new about every other Tuesday.

Faith + Authority Services

Our services include complimentary Discovering Clarity Calls, Personal Development Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and workshops. If you are in need of clarity about your next step to your personal development or relationship goal, curious about what relationship coaching is, or simply want to try our coaching this complimentary call is perfect for you. Schedule a free Discovery Call here.

  • Personal Development Coaching is perfect for those seeking to overcome obstacles in the way of living a fulfilled and impactful life. Learn more here.
  • Relationship Coaching is for all relationship types (dating, friends, spouses, etc.) to improve communication and understanding to create a more solid foundation to attain your relationship goals. Learn more here.
  • Signature Coaching Programs are Faith And Authority Exclusive 5 week coaching programs to help clients achieve a certain transformation through a curated sequence of five (5) 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Learn more here.
  • Workshops are virtual self-paced or live sessions that incorporate the tenets of group coaching with coaching exercises to bring about heightened awareness of a topic, fresh perspective, and actionable steps for change. Learn more here.

The journey isn’t always cute and it isn’t always easy (trust, we get it!). We’ve been through ups and downs, broke to stacking money to broker, strong to broken, loving ourselves to not recognizing who we are, so we understand. This is a judgement-free zone where the only right answer is your truth!

“Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Ephesians 1:2 KJV

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